I grew up in a home where holidays & birthdays were always extra special; a tradition that was passed from my Grandmother to my own Mother and one I strive to carry on today. After the birth of my son in 2010, I struggled with PPD and was desperate for some type of outlet. In the midst of planning a friend's baby shower, it hit me that my passion was parties and it helped me snap out of the PPD almost immediately. Many sleepless nights followed, I spent night after night creating new ideas and setting up shop. I used my basic knowledge of photoshop and taught myself Photoshop & Illustrator to create digital invitations and printables. I began helping friends with their parties and the party styling side of my business was born. My business is constantly evolving; from being strictly digital to a full paperie & party styling shop.

I am a work at home mom in Corona del Mar, CA. My current studio space is in the heart my 900 Sq Ft beach cottage, shared with my husband and son. It can get a little cramped and my son thinks life is constant party. Creative space organization is essential in our tiny home. We make it work and I love being able to be home with my family while creating & working on new projects. I have a work station with my computer, printer and a large desk for assembly of printed items and specialty projects. All my designs are created on my iMac as I gaze out the window at the palm trees. Many of my party photo shoots take place in my dining & living room and an occasional shot outside on the front lawn. Our master bedroom is lined with shelves of party supplies, our beds & sofas hide more organization totes with supplies underneath; needless to say I have a very patient and supportive husband. My son's train can often be seen to transport twine scraps & paper straw extras.

Clothing + Accessories + Shop Windows + Children + Party Supplies + Nature

Colors, fabrics and patterns ignite my creativity while shopping. The interests of children; particularly my niece, nephew and son. I love seeing what they are interested in & developing ideas from there. Lastly, nature has a big impact on me. Colors, textures & sounds of the beach & my surroundings spark ideas. Take a look around my shop, it won't be hard to see that I live at the beach & was raised in the mountains.

Creativity + Customer Service + Customization

The feedback from my customers over and over has made me realize that the 3 C's are what set A Pretty Little Party apart from other businesses. An eye for aesthetics & design along with a wild imagination has helped me get this business off the ground. However, none of that matters if my customers are not satisfied. I work through issues in the most caring and timely manner, after all the customer is ALWAYS right.

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